With a well known and respected name like Hozelock you can be confident that your watering needs are in good hands. Sprinkler choices have really come on from just circular or rectangular to pulsating, multivortex and now the envy of all sprinkler spotters; The Height Adjustable Rotating Tripod. Mechanical timers are also on the shelves to lighten the load alongside all your connection needs such as water stops and three way couplings.

Spray is all the rage when it comes to watering and the large selection available is sure to tick some boxes. Whether it be a multi spray, plus, pro, jet, ultra twist or telescopic lancers your needs are covered. Pressure spray the drive plus impress your friends with the patio cleaner and car wash set. All will save you money in the long run thus freeing up some hard earned cash for the more fun things in life.

Back to basics is fundamental so who can forget the essential watering can. We boast a large range of various sizes in both plastic plus metal.

Now don`t start us off about hoses! Required in the form of a cart, auto rewind wall mounted reel or just a hanger to keep the yard tidy, we wont let you down. The King of all must be the Super Hose which is lightweight, never knits and expands up to three times its size thanks to the woven textile outer layer. After use it sleekly shrinks back making this a great space saving idea.