Natural Creations

You will find an exclusive range of jewellery and gifts at 'Natural Creations', within Trowell Garden Centre.

With various styles and a varying price range you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Proud to host stylish handmade silver designs by British creators such as John Garland-Taylor who trained as a Smith plus worked on restoring Warwick Castle. 

Charlotte Lowe creations are also featured in silver and gold plate which cherish simple things in life with intricate etched designs that evoke precious memories from within. Examples are mother & child, family plus dog lover designs. 

David Scott-Walker is responsible for the astounding Blue John and Whitby Jet pieces that adorn our shelves. From the famous British coastline comes the Whitby Jet. Formed as a result of the fossilisation of wood from trees around 180 million years ago in the Jurassic period it has been popular for jewellery for over 2000 years and has been found in remains of both Roman and Viking eras. Black, shiny and very light it has revived into a modern day favourite.

Famous to our area is Derbyshire Blue John, mined in a hillside just outside of Castleton. With stunning veins it has been prized for ornaments and jewellery plus can be found in collections within Windsor castle, The White House and The Vatican. Perfect for that special gift.

Byzantium produces extremely bright and cheerful necklaces and earrings which sport the vibrant Swarovski crystals to add that touch of sparkle.


2017 Gift Of The Year Winner Shrieking Violet are here to be admired. After a hard nights dancing at the Glastonbury Festival in the late 20th century a lone daisy was spotted shining out of the green pastures which sparked the idea to create jewellery using real flowers. Highly successful and popular these stunning ranges include Poppy, Purple Haze, Forget Me Nots and Sunflowers. These handmade pieces are blooming delights to be worn.

A large selection of Costume Jewellery can be found in bold and colourful sets to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Stones of all colours and sizes have been skilfully crafted into rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings to add that WOW factor to any outfit. Mother of Pearl, Blue Topaz, Moonstone, Opalite and Amethyst to name but a few. For impact accessorise with Shiva Shell. From a sea snail found in the seas north of Australia this white natural gem is believed to open the third eye chakra. Now beat that for a conversation starter! 

Hip and quirky pendants will bring a smile to many a face thanks to the flying pigs, rabbits, dachshunds, llamas and dragons.

Earrings are also joining in the fun showcasing paws, bees, hedgehogs, bunnies and foxes. For the more glamorous look are the `danglies` whilst the musical notes are sure to get some curtains twitching.

Brooches are no longer a thing of the past. Not just flowers anymore but eye-catching designs such as frogs with umbrellas and yet more musical notes (which are clearly `in` these days!).

Clip earrings are not just from your Granny`s era and have never really gone away. Steal the show with shiny half domes, sapphire or granite cz beauties. 

Hematite and Magnetic bracelets are on show in all their glory to ease those pains away in style.

Forever losing or breaking your precious jewellery? Worry not as Natural Creations have got your back. A range of beautiful jewellery boxes for all ages is on display. Space saving, smaller than a jewellery box, Little Book of Earrings are ultra handy to store 12 or 48 pairs of earrings. Wooden watch boxes for both sexes are available to keep a selection of timepieces in mint condition.  

Men have not been overlooked with the Unique & Co Collection. A great choice of necklaces, snake chains, bracelets and rings will keep you looking the man about town. Will it be the ever popular cross or dare-devil shark horn that takes your fancy. Cheeky cufflinks with car wheels plus the more demure mother of pearl will compliment many an occasion. Rings in stainless steel plus tungsten will impress whilst coloured leathered bracelets will keep you bang on trend. 

So men, you no longer have to moan or stand around looking bored (yes we see you) when your wives are browsing our extensive selection as you now have a dedicated cabinet of manly accessories to keep you entertained.