Growing your own produce is a very rewarding experience plus has fantastic health benefits. Here at Trowell Garden Centre we believe good quality seeds from trusted reputable suppliers is the best way to ensure your vegetables, herbs and flowers turn out as planned. Thompson&Morgan alongside Unwins have a large variety on display.

If it`s spice that you desire then look no further as chilli peppers of varying heats on a scale of 0 to 10 can easily be found.

If you want your beetroot orange this year to impress your neighbours then no problem, it can be achieved.

Still cannot decide between purple sprouting, summer purple or romanesco green broccoli then why not have a go at all three for that wow factor.

Bored of plain white cauliflower then try a colour headed variety in orange or green.

Celery or celeriac, it`s your choice.

Bring sunshine to a summer stir fry with golden skin courgettes.

French beans are a hit with many a meal so decide between stringless, pencil thin, slender, dwarf or organic. If beans are your thing then also consider borlotti, cannellini, broad, runner or mange tout to add glamour to many a salad.

Squash is today`s modern and versatile vegetable. Be it butternut, patty pan mix or spaghetti stripetti your taste buds will be delighted.

Microgreens are very IN at the moment due to the high level of nutrients packed into these leaves that are perfect for sandwiches. Grow some on your windowsill all year round in either seed compost or moist kitchen paper in a small container.

Herbs are a wonderful addition to any meal and straight from the plant pot is the best way to deliver those fresh and aromatic flavours. The daisy like white petals of chamomile with yellow centres are ideal for filling gaps at the front of flower boarders. After a hard day in the garden relax with a soothing cup of home made tea or for the more adventurous out there try skin wash or shampoo creations.

Make delicious pesto with your basil plus keep the bees happy at the same time, as they love it. Whatever your culinary choice the selection of herbs is vast. From Coriander for Indian curry, Lemongrass for Thai, Rocket for a salad or Sorrell for soups there is something to suit everyone.

Whether you are looking for yellow flowers or pink, large or small, for pots or garden then you will not be disappointed. Alphabetically ranging from Ageratum through Zinnia your needs will be catered for.

There`s no excuse for not having healthy food so get the family out there and start growing your favourites. Sunshine, fresh air, exercise and quality time is the added bonus to watching all that hard work appear before your eyes.