Here at Trowell Garden Centre we are all geared up to guide you successfully from seed to table. Planting takes place in various sized plastic trays which can then be placed in propagators to keep the little ones warm and cosy. An electric version will ensure a constant temperature to really get them sprouting. Round or square fibre pots are also available which are manufactured from biodegradable wood pulp and can be directly planted in the soil thus protecting the roots.

Once your youngsters are ready to set up home for themselves decisions must be made. Will they need to grow in a tunnel with a polythene cover, a 4 tier compact plastic greenhouse or would the extra wide grow arc suite their needs better. Whatever the outcome we will have it covered.

Peas and beans may need unique netting whilst cabbages could need collars to suppress weeds and retain moisture around the roots thus protecting from root fly. Insectgard will work wonders in keeping those miniscule pests at bay.

Various ultra handy tools are at your disposal to get the job done. Soil and propagation thermometers will give you the true picture whilst scoops, seed sowers and funnels are sure to come in handy. Gravel and potting trays will make life easier alongside trugs and garden caddy`s. Just remember to never leave home without your widger, dibber and label set!

A 3 tier hanging strawberry planter is bound to turn some heads whilst a large pop up garden tidy ensures you are seen at your best.