Pet Products

At Trowell Garden Centre we realise how important the mental plus general health of your four legged fury friends is to all our customers. A large selection of products, mainly from the superior pet care company Rosewood, are here to be enjoyed.

Dog Treats and Toys:

The Doggy Bistro is offering tasty chicken wraps for the international feeling hounds.

For our more upper class species are the Posh Eats. With the likes of Chicken & Sweet Potato Superfoods or Pork and Apple Gourmet there is something to tickle even the most royal of taste buds.

Pudding has not been forgotten in the form of a dog friendly Woof-Bar milk chocolate which is a safe alternative to this rich indulgence. Whatever will they think of next!

All pooches love and need to play:

The Jolly Doggy range of Tough multi textured animals exists for those with some serious energy. Who could live without an elephant, giraffe, ostrich or fox to throw around.

Lets be honest, the squeaky toys are as much for the owners as pets which is why Spike the Hedgehog, Sonny Monkey and Chloe Cow are always in demand.

Let them test their strength with the Cyber Rubber Tough Crunch challenge of products. In action shapes such as a rugby or football plus dumb-bell lets see how long it takes to admit defeat.

For our adorable puppies is the Biosafe range which is BioCote protected making it more hygenic for your new addition alongside the family. In blue or pink with a choice of bone, ball or ring hours of excitement will be had.

Duo Dental Tugs are also great for dental hygiene which help to clean teeth plus massage gums.

Dog Training and Leads:

Whether it`s paw prints, plain or herringbone, leather or rope twist you`re after then Trowell have got you covered. Different colours and sizes not forgetting reflective for the late night strolls to see them through the night.

A great selection of collars, including stars for the more flamboyant, can also be found.

A Stake Out Spike is a great option for unsupervised exercise as long as you can rely on Rover not to raise the roof.

For peace of mind ideally invest in a playpen. That way your furniture will still be usable once the training is over.

At the end of a long day of fun and walks Fido is ready for some well deserved shut eye. His face will light up with the sight of these seriously comfortable beds in the form of mattress or donut with sizes and styles to impress.

Dog Grooming and Shampoos:

Never leave home without your comb! Fine hair, moulting or flea types are all essential pieces of kit.

Same goes for your brush. Double sided, hair loss or stoppa again are important for keeping that coat in pristine condition.

Trowell are proud to display Tropiclean Shampoos and Conditioners. Made from 100% natural ingredients your pet is sure to look and smell fantastic.

Neem and Citrus relieves itching, Berry & Coconut eliminates odours while Hypo Allergenic in Gentle Coconut is perfect for sensitive skin.

And lastly it must be noted that Poop Bags and Dispensers are a must have on your person to avoid being fined or worse still having to rely on finding a very large leaf.

Cat Treats and Toys:

Treat your feline friend to a bag of Natural Treats. 100% duck fillet mini strips will grab some attention or maybe the chicken and cheese duo bites are preferred.

Silvervine is the answer to wearing your kitten out. Included in an innovative range of toys it is more potent than catnip. This natural attractant induces a very playful reaction. Options include mice, rattan ball, spider teaser and of course a hedgehog.

The traditional wind up mouse has not been forgotten which is a great bonding tool for your child and kitten. It`s always debatable who enjoys this old favourite more.

A great selection of collars are on display plus bandannas for the more continental look.

Both ceramic plus plastic bowls in various shapes and sizes are available. A travel option has also been covered for those who like to journey.

Small Animals:

The Naturals Range will cater for all your small animal needs.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Degus will be delighted with grainless herb and veg drops or cornflower and daisy sticks.

Delicious apple and pansy nibble hearts or a healthy fruit salad is sure to tempt the most demanding of small pet appetites.

The Nibble `N` Dig Meadow with dandelion and blossoms is a fantastic treat for rabbits. A slice of real herb meadow has been dried and placed in a hay coated edible tray so your bunny can forage, nibble and dig just like in the wild. What a sensational experience.