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Gardening Gloves are galore at Trowell Garden Centre. With a large selection of colours, styles and fabrics for a variety of green fingered occasions we are confident you will find what you are looking for.

Town&Country are highly respected after designing and producing gardening gloves for nearly 30 years. The Master Gardener ladies glove is presently the U.K`s best seller. Protective grip, washable and thorn resistant in bright pink, purple or green this isn`t any surprise. A further selection of female versions include:

  • What a shock to come across the Weed Master Bamboo. This plant makes a super soft fabric and is naturally antibacterial plus hypoallergenic. Providing comfort and protection against spikes and thorns plus a great grip in both wet and dry conditions offers the perfect choice for women who like to get the job done in an eco friendly fashion.
  • In comparison the Weed Master Plus are made from stretch polyester with a protective nitrile coating on the palm and fingers making them great for all those delicate jobs.
  • In bright pink, green, blue or purple colours Cotton Grip has a dotted palm for improved grip, a tailored fit plus a fitted wrist. Ideal for those precise gardeners who like to add a touch of glamour to whatever they do.
  • The Aquasure Jersey hits the mark for all those water resistant needs.
  • The Washable Leather Rigger is a deluxe leather option which has a protective palm and is also thorn resistant.
  • Classic Deluxe is made of washable leather with breathable cotton backs for that dry and comfortable experience whilst outdoors.
  • Mastergrip Patterns provides up to 100% more grip than standard gloves in both wet and dry conditions thanks to the MicroFinish Technology on palms and fingers. Alongside being breathable with soft linings the lovely floral or tree designs are sure to get you noticed.
  • Mastergrip Thermal makes weeding a possible task on even the coldest of days.
  • Mastergrip Little Gardeners are sure to have your youngsters eager to help. The latex coating and soft lining will provide protection and flexibility whilst the vibrant red or blue colours are bound to get those hands moving.

Men have not been left out of the loop:

  • The Excellent All Round glove comes as a single or in a triple value pack to keep you going throughout those time consuming missions.
  • For more challenging tasks is the PVC Super Coated. Chemical resistant, water proof and thorn resistant will give you that peace of mind with whatever you are tackling.
  • Thermal lined for extra warmth with a protective palm and thorn resistant makes Thermal Rigger a great choice for getting jobs done in wintry conditions.
  • The All Round Rigger in tough suede will be a welcome sight when the big jobs come knocking. Thorn resistant with a protective palm and a safety cuff you will certainly be in good hands.
  • The Soft Leather option are fleece lined with a reinforced palm to provide maximum comfort. Sure to be appreciated when the task list is long.

Burgon&Ball have surpassed themselves with Dig The Glove for the astute male gardener. Soft, flexible and hard wearing fabric that thankfully wont stiffen after drying. A padded palm and wrist strap rounds off this smart and tough look in either denim, tweed, corduroy or green and blue camouflage. Perfect for that country squire look!

A kneeler goes hand in hand with gloves and takes the pain out of long weeding sessions. Different shapes, sizes and colours are on display to look after your back and