Garden Tools

Trowell Garden Centre have a wide range of garden tools to suite your every need. From patio scrapers to lawn edgers, hedge trimmers to tree loppers the range is expansive. Some extremely well known and reputable companies have their wares on display including:


Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society these have certainly set the bar high in outdoor maintenance. Alongside the essential equipment are some gems which many wont even realise exist. For instance, who would have known that help was on hand to pick daisies in the form of a weed grubber. Lordy, Lordy, whatever next. Dandelions are the bane of many lives but thanks to this specific weeder you can keep on top of those little blighters. Be aware that a shrub rake is now available which is sure to make friends envious of how tidy your kingdom is. In between a trowel and a dibber is a widger. Perfectly sized for potting shed needs such as gently prising plants out of pots plus seedling planting. If you have ever been impressed with hedges cut into curvy lines then be aware it is easier than you thought thanks to the wavy edge shears.

Wilkinson Sword provide a good quality range which includes some great time saving ideas. The handy weed grubber will quickly remove those little devils whilst the soil rake will make mince meat of the task in hand. Telescopic tree cutters alongside Anvil and Bypass loppers will also save you money by not having to call out the professionals.

Made in Germany Wolf Garten have an innovative and efficient way towards gardening. Multi change click system tools can be attached to the same telescopic handle or various sized poles thus being a space saving idea as well as a cost. An array of these green fingered delights includes: branch pruning hooks, dustpans, loppers, power cut saws, fruit pickers, window washers / wipers, moss removal rakes, brooms and soil millers. Long handled weeders, trowels, forks and edgers help avoid back problems thus making gardening a truly pleasurable experience.

wolf garden tools multi change selection