Trowell Garden Centre has a great selection of fashion items to keep you looking the part.

LV one size clothing means you CAN get away with that extra piece of cake at times.

For those who enjoy unique prints and shapes inspired by the beauty of nature and the countryside with a twist of vintage and an emphasis on femininity then the breath taking clothes range from Lily & Me are made for you.

The Millie Mae company from Dorset supplies bright and cheery socks and cotton shopping bags.

Specialising in home made chunky knitwear is Pachamama who impress with a stunning range of hats and hand warmers.

Dazzling Hats, Gloves and Scarves are a big hit by Jane Austin.

Alex Clark`s eye-catching scarves are also on display. These come with a stylish gift bag to add a touch of class.

Men have not been overlooked in the fashion stakes at Trowell. Jackdaw is showcasing great quality gloves, hats and slippers.

Understanding the importance of protecting the environment makes companies like Eco Chic a vital component in the market place. Environmentally friendly products are used to create:

  • Foldable Adult Ponchos which are perfect for holidays and festivals being lightweight and waterproof
  • Foldable Shopper which can hold up to 15kg and saves on plastic bag use.
  • Foldable Cool Bag
  • Foldable Holdall

Alongside being practical these are extremely colourful and artistic with designs such as animals, insects, birds and flowers.

On display is a big selection of Envy handbags for many an occasion. In different shapes, sizes and vibrant colours you will surely be noticed.

Essential needs are stocked in the form of various styles of umbrellas, walking sticks and the ever popular thermal feet heaters guaranteed to keep you cosy throughout the winter.