Bird Care

Helping to look after our bird population is a very popular and worth while cause. Gardman have a big display here at Trowell Garden Centre and are recommended by Britain`s leading wild bird organisation BTO: British Trust for Ornithology. These fine feathered friends are certainly spoilt when it comes to the delicious food on offer. Mealworms resemble natural foods in the wild and can be served straight from the pack or rehydrated for a juicier and more desirable snack. Various seed mixes are prepared to attract different types of birds: 


  • Oats, wheat, maize, sunflower seeds, dari and soya oil will bring the likes of robins, greenfinches, chaffinches, house sparrows and siskins.
  • A no husk mix is perfect for the likes of great tits, bramblings, golfinches, greenfinches and chaffinches. No husks also equals no mess and no waste. Sunflower hearts are also huskless.
  • No germinating seeds such as cut wheat, kibbled maize, pinhead oatmeal, naked oats and sunflower chips will wave dunnocks, blue tits, great and long tailed tits into your garden.
  • Small black Nyger seeds
  • Woodpeckers will be clambering over themselves to get to the peanuts plus smaller birds are bound to enjoy the smaller bites.
  • I Love Robins from Jacobi&Jayne is a honey rich and high energy mix for black birds, song thrushes and of course Britain`s national treasure the beloved robin.
  • Special blends are also available for blue tits, finch and songbirds
  • A winter warmer blend is beckoning enriched with high energy suet treats such as red berry.


Seed and mealworm nuggets are made with small and young birds in mind as they are soft and easy to eat.

Suet cakes are also very popular in flavours such as peanut and mealworm. Suet pellets in apple, peanut, berry, insect and rainbow are sure to cause a stir.

Coconuts stuffed with suet and other goodies will become a talking point when friends come around.

Who would have thought that birds love peanut butter! A no salt version is available in the form of Flutter Butter Pods to get them lining up.

Squirrel proof food in a hot pepper flavour is popular to ensure the right ones get fed. Thanks to the chilli it is too hot for these 4 legged rascals but the winged ones will lap it up.

Bird feeders for all types of mix can be found. Plastic or steel, hanging, ground or wooden tables in many different shapes and sizes. Tea cups, cages, glass dishes to name a few.

Bird baths are abundant either hanging, ground or on stands such as pretty glass flowers and butterflies.

Bird houses in charming bright colours and designs will look stunning in many a garden.

Bird feeding stations with hooks to attach baths, feeders and houses await perusal.

Hang a feeder under this Universal Squirrel Baffle and sit back and wait for the free entertainment to commence. Comprises of a large plastic super slippery dome which even the hardest of squirrels will struggle to hang on to. At last the food is safe though don`t feel sorry for the others as specific squirrel alongside hedgehog food is also available.

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