Pest & Disease Control

Trowell Garden Centre is well stocked for all your pesky pest needs and disease control requirements. Products from well known brands such as Westland, Nippon, Doff and Neudorff are here to solve your problems.

The ingenious Plant Flycatcher in a specific shade of yellow attracts insects such as black/white flies, winged aphids, thrips, leafminer flies and leaf hoppers. Odourless glue doesn`t dry out, melt or wash off meaning critters cannot escape the sticky surface and hence die. A greenhouse version is also available which additionally functions great in conservatories.

To control the non flying problems, i.e. the crawling ones, is The Greaseband. A special glue of natural resin and wax that doesn`t wash off or drip will protect your fruit and ornamental trees from winter caterpillars, ants and greenfly.

Winter Tree Wash will prepare your edible and ornamental fruit trees plus bushes for another season of loveliness. A blend of natural oils and surfactants removes insect debris, dust, dirt plus accumulation of wax and other substances used to secure eggs.

If maggots are causing you stress then monitoring traps are available for plum and apple trees.

A large variety of general bug killers plus woodlice are on display for your every day garden needs alongside moss killers and fungus fighters.

Slugs and Snails are every gardeners enemy. There are various options in battling this war including tape, traps and pellets. After scientists recently knocked their heads together in a bid to find an organic and mess free solution to this problem Sluggo was born. Like caviar to our slippery friends they come running to chow down. Once full they disappear underground without leaving slime trails and gracefully pass away. Yippee, our home grown produce is now safe from those greedy munchers!

Cat, Dog and Rabbit repellents are also available alongside the ever popular pepper dust plus the mega sonic.

Moles tearing up your garden can be a distant memory thanks to specially formulated granules that can be scattered into the hills. Plant oils will penetrate the earth and tunnels tainting the food source which encourages them to pack up and find a new location. Mega sonic spikes and repellers plus traps are also on hand if you want to approach the issue from another angle.

Little patience for bugs in your house then frazzle them instantly with the High Voltage Insect Killer.

The Wind Action Owl is a great bird scarer. With a rotating head and reflective eyes they are sure to take no chances landing nearby. Perfect for protecting your soft fruit.

Looking for Anti Roosting bird spikes, then look no further. Repeller Ribbon flashes and reflects light to repel birds, deer and nuisance animals.

Products from The Big Cheese are a poison free solution to rodent problems. With a wide selection of bait and traps to kill or live catch you will not be disappointed. Sonic repellers plus cage traps are also available if required.